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A SkyTran network in a dense city will have convenience somewhere between a private car and a chauffeur-driven limousine. Yes, there may be a 1-2 block walk to the stop, and even a wait there at peak traffic times in the early years. However then it's hands-off, no-hassle transport directly to your destination. As the network is fully built out (which given the economics should be a small number of years) and most businesses have a stop in your building, on your floor (see SkyTranEqualsElevator), the convenience will be hard to match on any budget.

I call SkyTran "supply-side smart growth". Rather than large subsidies and taxes to funnel growth away from low-density housing, its effect is to make rural and suburban life better, but city life dramatically more attractive and economically productive.

Will the vehicles be public, company-owned, or private? All seem possible. The idea of vehicles waiting for people works much better with a single type of vehicle, but as the system is built out, there could be separate stops ("portals") for private vehicles parked at an economical location miles away and summoned by their owners shortly before they arrive at the stop -- an efficient automated version of today's valet parking.