Like today's public transit systems such as subways, light rail, buses, vans and taxis, SkyTran will let city-dwellers and commuters go where they want to in a metropolitan area without needing to own a car. SkyTran will combine many good features of existing forms of public transit, and offer others unavailable today. Like subways, SkyTran won't slow to a crawl at rush hour. Like buses, it can have large numbers of stops and let people see the scenery instead of ugly tunnels. Like vans and taxicabs, it can go point-to-point without transfers. Like commuter rail, it will travel far into the suburbs, or even to other cities. Like other electric vehicles, it will eliminate refining inefficiencies and political risks of transport that requires liquid fuels (i.e. oil).

SkyTran also promises features NO existing public transport supports. At 100 or 150 MPH point-to-point without congestion or transfers, it will be far faster. With no need to pay drivers or traffic police, people and packages can travel point-to-point economically. Streamlined and magnetically-levitated cars high above the street are not only extremely energy-efficient, but safe and unobtrusive for pedestrians below and residents nearby. SkyTran will be far cheaper and less disruptive to construct than subways, light rail, or the highways that buses require. Finally, it will offer few opportunities for thugs and pickpockets and child molesters who prey on vulnerable travelers today.

SkyTran - Low cost Public Transit

The costs associated with public transport systems are historically very high and end up being borne by the taxpayers, not the consumers. The only entity that can afford that kind of constant loss is the government. SkyTran on the other hand is inexpensive enough to be built with private money and can be supported by rider fees. Policy analysis on this subject has been throughly done.

Skytran can bring extremely fast and efficient public transportation into cities and can actually be a financially benefit to the government. Public transport that makes a profit.

We can do better than High Speed Rail

A high speed rail system has been approved for California. It was approved by the electorate of California. It was approved AFTER the economy tanked. Something needs to be done. Traveling between major California cities is enough of an issue to Californians to agree to a $50 billion bill in the middle of a near depression.

It is clear that something must be done. We can do better than a $50 billion train that is a constant drain on California's economy.

Setting up a SkyTran track could allow a redundant system that does not require an Eminent Domain land grab across the state and would impose a cost of 1/5 the high speed rail plan. Recent studies on the California plan say the plan would lead California to the poorhouse. China had a similar plan and backed off in time.

There is a clear need to get people between cities quickly. Let's fix it the right way.