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Not only companies but individuals may find nearly-instant freight delivery adds greatly to the convenience of everyday life. Now the products of every store or restaurant or repair shop in the city are only minutes away.

A convenient depot would be the convenience stores found on almost every block in a big city. After an afternoon of shopping, the sophisticated city dweller can go for dinner or visit friends unencumbered by bags and boxes. Instead, all his purchases from various stores will be waiting at the corner 7-11 when he arrives home, or he can pay to have them delivered the short distance to his door.

Not needing to physically transfer goods to the customer at the point of sale could be convenient for the stores as well. A store downtown could let the customer choose or try on the merchandise in the store, but actually deliver their order from a low-rent warehouse outside the city, reducing inventory and traffic congestion in a busy area. Even more: in the minutes or hours before the customer arrived at home, the store could use ExtremeCustomization to deliver a product they didn't physically have in-store when she visited. Techniques like virtual reality will allow a customer in a small store to see what the product will look like when manufactured: while she tries on and feels the fit of clothing that the store stocks in a single color, she sees on a screen or VR headset the colors and patterns they will have when delivered. LittleShopOfWonders